۱۳۸۸ آبان ۱۹, سه‌شنبه

Several days in Mashalak

One of the important features of our group is trips to the various cities of Iran and also trend to the nature and this affair is clearly observable in all the members of our group.
The nature and different trips include lots of effects on our aim or individual work and ingeneral our group works have been created as a selection in various places.
Our trip to Noshahr and Mashalak jungle was done for the second time after Noshahr 16th festival and it was one of the most useful trips to Noshahr , because we went there during two regular weeks and did lots of things in the beautiful places.
Our first mission in the first week "Green Carpet" that was done in a very pleasant weather and I can honestly say it had a special atmosphere.

"Green Carpet"

But the second trip to Noshahr started by individual works that you can observe some pictures about it and all of us were performing new works or something related to the previous works.The second day was appropriated to do some things related to "Green Carpet" and we could make a new carpet by dried wood in the jungle.

"A Carpet of broken Branches"

"My freedom is inside me" is the title of a collection which is being done while this project was done at this jungle by barbed wire last year for the first time.

This work is included in the same collection of earth stars but the choice of vague condition for this picture is done by Rahele Zomorrodinia.

The Earth stars By Mahmoud Maktabi
Destruction of Nature ,Destruction osf human being By raheleh zomorodinia

"Wig" is one of the other continues project that Atefeh Khas performed it in the different places.But , this performance was so nice and impressive in this trip to Mashalak , in this year.

Wig By Atefeh Khas

"Another Roof" was worked by Tara goodarzi and Atefeh Khas with less lines and with a geometric shap. These project has different performance in different places but the feeling of it in that green environment made a kind of suspense and opposition of red color with surround environment made this feeling more.

Another Roof By Tara & Atefeh

Tara's works were like her other works in these recently festivals and they have more respect of performing in the nature and on the other hand , we can say that she is seeking her relation with nature and element of it , like lots of other artist.

Squat by Tara Goodarzi

Mask By Tara godarziMarimaidLike a Sleep

The "Presence" is a project by Rahele Zomorrodinia .It has been performed in different places.This work shows "Presence" of this artist , On the other hand, this presence is registered in these places. Because of it , it's so close to photography and her professional career.

Presence By Minoosh

Photo By Minoosh

At last , we appreciate Mehdi motevali for his cooporating with us , and , we are thankful from Rahele Zomorrodina's photos

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